The stump grinder removes the main stump and rootball to a depth sufficient to stop any regrowth and allows for the surface to be fully levelled off.

The Predator 38X is 66cm wide so in most cases access of greater than 70cm is possible. Wallace Stump Grinding can advise on the best route to access the stumps.

Our team take great care to minimise damage to your garden. Although the machine is heavy it is tracked, which creates less damage than wheels, and where required our team will use heavy wooden boards to move the machine across.

This photo shows have we use ramps and boards to navigate through a garden.

After the stump has been removed we aim to leave your garden looking the same as it was before we arrived – just without the unsightly stumps!

All sizes of stumps can be removed – including rows of stumps where hedging has been removed.

Stumps can be removed at any time of year. Autumn and winter can be an especially good time to remove the stumps as the rest of the garden is dormant and there is less disruption.

After contacting Wallace Stump Grinding Co. via phone, email or Facebook a representative will be in touch to arrange a time to stop by and have a look at the job in hand.
Photos of the work being done is much appreciated and can be very helpful but all quotes must be provided in person as many factors come in to play when pricing especially access.
At Wallace Stump Grinding co. we have a pricing structure which ensures that we maintain a competitive but fair price for every job that we visit.

We use a Predator 38X- Radio controlled stump grinder which is the most efficient stump grinder in the market. It provides us the ability to remove any sized stump whilst gaining access to a vast amount of jobs. The radio control also provides us more visibility which means we can gain access and complete the work in the safest and most professional way.
The Predator 38X can grind stumps down a lot faster compared to other stump grinders which are similar. This allows us to work fast and efficiently at a fair and competitive price.

Grindings can be taken away or left at the customers discretion.
This can alter the price of the job. Leaving grindings can bring costs down and has benefits for mulching or using to speed up composting bins. We have pricing structure for taking grindings away vs leaving, which we can explain when providing a quote.
It’s important to note that, stumps are only visible at the surface but there is a lot more to them below the surface.
With this being said, grindings are great for compost.